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Public Sector

“Working together, we will continue to lay the foundation for a new generation of inclusive economic growth, expand economic opportunity ….. and ensure that innovative businesses have the support they need to thrive and grow in the years to come. “
Maggie Hassan

We are here for the public sector because we understand that public sector organisations provide the underlying infrastructure for economic success.

We at the DR Company identify with public sector organisations in that we don’t seek to make a profit from the services we provide. Instead we focus on making an evidence based difference to the communities we serve.

We know that sourcing funding, providing key skills and offering specific resources are vital areas where the public sector can benefit from our support and we have a proven track record of successfully providing these services. We are experienced in managing multi million pound publicly funded grant programmes across the UK, such as the Greater Dartmoor Local Enterprise Action Fund and the South Devon Coastal Local Action Group. The DR Company have the skills, experience and robust systems and processes to meet the most stringent of audit requirements.  They also have the skills to manage and deliver funding on behalf of other organisations, working closely to their aims, objectives and strategies.

We are an approachable team with considerable local knowledge and many years’ experience of helping rural businesses to successfully apply for funding.

As an established and trusted organisation, we work hand in hand with public and private sectors. This means that we can deliver both policy and programmes for the public sector whilst enabling the private sector to benefit and achieve the desired outputs.


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